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Welcome to the website of MOBIS Alabama. Thank you  very much for visiting our homepage.  We hope you find it informative, easy to navigate and helpful.

MOBIS Alabama  is  a Tier 1 supplier  for  both Hyundai and KIA Motor. Here at MOBIS, we pride ourselves in producing the best quality product for our customers both internally and externally.  We understand our customers comes first in all we do. With this in mind  our mission is to continuously improve daily reaching our company business Vision of becoming Global Top 5 Automotive Part Company by 2015 . We strive to be the best in all we do, from producing high quality automotive parts, to being the best company to work for. Driven by our company philosophy “Together for a better future” our objective with our team members hard work and dedication is becoming the best automotive part company in the world.


Seakon Oh



MOBIS Alabama, LLC, located in Montgomery, Alabama is a Tier 1 supplier to Hyundai Motors Manufacturing Alabama, LLC (HMMA).  MOBIS Alabama (MAL) is a manufacturing facility that assembles modules, and manufactures Bumpers/In Panel(IP).  MAL has three major plants, which are Module Plant, Plastic Plant, and Redistribution Center (RDC).   MAL supplies to both HMMA and MOBIS Georgia (MAL-GA) based on the products.

MAL Module Plant assembles and provides Cockpit, Front/Rear Chassis Modules to HMMA for Sonata and Elantra Models.  Module Plant has 73 UPH, which is the fastest assembly line in the US.  IP, which is basically main cover and frame for Cockpit Module, is manufactured in MAL and assembled to the Cockpit Module.  MAL supplies IP to HMMA (Sonata, Elantra) and MAL-GA (Optima).

MAL Plastic Plant manufactures bumpers and IP Cores.  MAL manufactures molding product of bumpers and paint them in the plastic paint line to finish as end product for bumpers.  MAL supplies bumpers to HMMA (Sonata, Elantra) and MAL-GA (Optima, Sorento, Santa Fe).  Also, Plastic Plant manufactures IP Cores and supplies to Module Plant.

The Re-Distribution Center (RDC) is US local parts warehousing for after service.  RDC receives A/S parts of HMMA/KMMG production vehicle model, and supplies them to dealers in US, Canada, Puerto Rico, etc. after packaging, coating, and merchandising.

MOBIS Alabama, LLC utilize every source in the plant to produce the finished products for HMMA and MAL-GA.  Using the cooperative effort of over 700 Team Members, MOBIS Alabama is able to meet the supplier’s demand.


Year 2011

Audio SKD Assembly Line Built

IP Building Expansion (Supply K5 Model)

Paint Line #2 Expansion

Year 2010

UD (Elantra) SOP

Year 2009

Supply Bumpers to MOBIS GA (KMMG)

Year 2007

TS16949 Certification Acquired

Year 2006

CMa (Santa Fe) SOP

Year 2005

YFa (Sonata) SOP

RDC Warehouse Completed (A/S Parts)

Year 2004

Module Building Completed

Plastic Building Completed

Year 2003

Ground Breaking

Construction Started

Year 2002




CEO pic 2Meet our new CEO! Mr. Seakon Oh is a native of Seoul, South Korea. He started his career at KIA Motors in 1985! The GA team had the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss his goals, interests, and thoughts. Here are some of the highlights.

Mr. Oh started off the interview with his vision of how he sees Mobis Alabama changing and improving during his tenure here, “I find that the working environment is a little behind, particularly the working conditions, break areas and others especially given that Mobis is a global company. Our working conditions need to meet that global standard. I would also like to systemize and reorganize our personnel system. We cannot have a system ruled by the whims of a single individual. We need to have a set of standards and rules that can stand strong in the face of personal influence and bias. Finally, I would like to make Mobis Alabama a more open, family-oriented, harmonious and freely communicative between the levels of management.”

Regarding safety, Mr. Oh takes a very sensible and humane approach. He reminds everyone that “Safety is not just for the sake of the company. Even out of self-interest, every team member has a personal stake in maintaining awareness and immediately reporting unsafe conditions. In terms of safety, complacency is a common poison that concerns us all, and constant vigilance is the antidote.”

In his spare time, Mr. Oh enjoys hiking and traveling. Typically, he would find time every week to go sight-seeing at tourist destinations nearby to learn more about American culture, history, and language. He notes that being in the United States, there are more than 100 places he would like to visit during his stay here. Out of the destinations outside of the United States, he would like to someday visit Turkey due to its historical significance as the crossroads of Eastern and Western Civilizations dating back to the ancient days of the Silk Road.

He encourages all team members to feel free to approach him and introduce themselves, “even if I don’t know your name or don’t approach you first.”



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